Teams and Culture

We’re as invested in each other’s success as we are in our shared mission

Across Team ITS, we’re fiercely committed to customer success. We work every day to ensure that students, faculty, and staff can collaborate and excel across our global network. And we believe that to best serve our customers and partners we need to first and foremost support, serve, and appreciate each other—as individuals and colleagues, and as the community that is Team ITS.

ITS at a glance

Based in Boston

Team members have access to flexible, collaboration-focused workspaces on a vibrant campus —in Boston and across our global network

Built to Scale

Our community consists of just under 200 full-time employees and more than 300 student employees  

Collaborative and Agile

Nearly all ITS roles are eligible to work from alternate locations, and more than 80% are currently primarily or fully remote 

Geographically Flexible

Close to 20% of current employees work from outside of Massachusetts 

Together, we make a great team

The ITS Playbook is our guide to being a great team member at Northeastern University’s Information Technology Services. It was designed to create tools that align the entire organization around what great performance looks like in supporting the vision of the global digital university, and, ultimately, position ITS and Northeastern for success.

Hear first-hand from several members of Team ITS to learn more about our community, and how working at Northeastern can help team members grow, both personally and professionally.  

“We are truly a global university like no other! Cutting-edge technology, brilliant minds, and a forward way of thinking can be felt within ITS.  It’s a pleasure to be part of such a high-energy team, and amazing how invested we are in supporting one another – and the Northeastern community as a whole.

Tracy-Ann Bain 

IT Technical Recruiter

“I owe a lot to Northeastern and ITS. Not only was I able to get my undergrad and grad degrees at no cost, but I have been able to write the position description for almost every job I’ve had here in ITS. The amount of growth I’ve experienced personally, professionally, and educationally has been astounding in my seven-plus years at Northeastern. I have been able to work on projects I never could have imagined doing when I started here: rolling out enterprise services to 200,000-plus users, opening a new campus in London, and transforming our classrooms into modern, digital places of learning. I am so lucky to be able to work here and be on the cutting edge of technology in higher education. I go to work excited every day and cannot wait to see what comes next for Northeastern.”

Ryan Bender 

Manager of Digital University Solutions and Experience

“Northeastern is a global network with students and colleagues across the country and world. ITS reflects that diversity by welcoming team members from all over and providing ample opportunities to engage and collaborate with one another, no matter our locations. The IT communications team has lots of regular touchpoints that allow us to connect with each other on what we’re working on, as well as to catch up on more-casual conversations. There are members of the team who I’ve either never met in-person or only once or twice, but it doesn’t feel like that’s the case at all!”

Leslie Casey 

Director of Communications

“Northeastern University and ITS are a home away from home for me. I’m thankful to be a part of this community- even as a remote team member. My team is collaborative, and leadership is always striving to create a supportive workplace. From the time I started at Northeastern 6+ years ago, I have only seen upward growth in ITS. This, along with the amazing people around me, is what motivates me.”

Anjana Ranganathan

Assistant Director of Systems & Cloud Services

“ITS has been one of the best places to work for me. My team is collaborative, supportive, encouraging, and always provides ideas to help support both my personal and professional goals. Even during the pandemic I never felt disconnected from our teams. We implemented new tools and integrations that I believe have made our global Northeastern family even more connected.”

Nischal Ravichandran  

Identity and Access Management Engineer

“I started working with Northeastern in 2006 as a Service Desk Analyst in ITS and witnessed the transformation and growth from a regional coop school into a highly respected global university. ITS provided the support, opportunity, and encouragement to grow along with them both personally and professionally. I followed my passion for information security and now work with a talented team as a Security Architect. I owe my career to Northeastern and ITS.”

Thomas Waldman

Information Security Architect

“Working at Northeastern University has accelerated my career growth as continuous improvement is a shared responsibility among the team. Thoughtfulness and caring are hard-wired into our DNA. We’re self-aware and constantly looking to innovate to better the applications for our students, employees, and the communities we serve. I feel so lucky we learn and we grow together.”

Evelyn Xiong

Digital Technology and Services JavaScript Developer